Fact a day Febreuary

1 02 2016

This month we’ll be focusing on revising a times table fact a day for the month of February.  The fact will change on a daily basis and the children are encouraged to challenge each other throughout the school day and to use fact family facts to develop their mental recall of associated facts.

Science investigation outdoors

9 07 2015

The Year 6 children experienced what life I’d like for real life scientists today by getting involved in the Big Bumble Bee Discovery. We began by making close observations about the differences between the different types of bees, looking at their colours, patterns and number of stripes. Then we consolidated the skills by playing the matching pairs game. Before venturing outside, we made some predictions about what types and number of bees we thought we might find. There weren’t many bees outside to observe. After careful consideration, we think that this is because there aren’t enough varieties of wild flowers to attract them to our area.


And the winners are…

7 05 2015


The votes were all cast, counted and verified and the winning party was announced in assembly earlier this afternoon. Well done to all of the parties involved in the campaign And thank you to all of the pupils and staff for voting. Everyone worked extremely hard to create their manifestos and promote their parties with persuasive posters and speeches.
The voting results were close between the four parties but the winners were… Team Vision! CONGRATULATIONS!

The votes are being counted – LIVE BLOG

7 05 2015

The votes are in and are now being counted. Who will be the winning party?

The results will be announced in assembly at 2.30 today.


The voting has begun – LIVE BLOG

7 05 2015

Children at Holmer Lake Primary School have started the voting process to elect a leading party to make positive changes to the school. Here are some photographs of the morning so far.

image  image


Commando Joe – teamwork

16 04 2015

The class enjoyed working as a team whilst enjoying the glorious sunshine.


Election time is drawing near

16 04 2015

It will be the General Election in the UK on Thursday 7th May 2015.  There are many political parties who are currently using their powers of persuasion to become the Prime Minister of the UK.  Each political party are convinced that their party is the most suitable one to lead the country into a better future.

Can you name any of the political parties and their leaders below?

Who do you predict will win and why?


 In order to learn more about the General Election this year, Holmer Lake Primary School will be holding our own election.  This will reflect every element of the process by creating parties with leaders, electoral roles, poll cards, ballot cards and an official polling station for pupils to use.

Tension is building within school as the election process began today with a whole school assembly where the party leaders presented their manifestos and began their campaigning to persuade pupils to vote for them.  The Year 6 class have two parties and the Year 5 class also have two parties.

Look out for posters, blogs, more details about manifestos and continued campaigning around school over the next few weeks. Read the manifestos and talk to party leaders in order to make your decision about who you would like to make improvements to Holmer Lake Primary School.


Solar eclipse

20 03 2015

Year 6 ventured outside this morning to witness the amazing scientific phenomena of the Solar Eclipse.

image image

image image

Red Nose Day | Comic Relief 2015

18 03 2015



We can’t resist an opportunity to raise money for charity by doing something for money.  This year we made our faces look funny by using face paints. Some of us just wore our regular faces but some people might say that they were quite funny too!


Well done to everyone for raising money for Red Nose Day | Comic Relief.  What did you do to raise money?

Get ready for Red Nose Day | Comic Relief 2015

12 03 2015

Preparations are underway for Red Nose Day | Comic Relief

What will you be doing to raise money for Comic Relief?


World Book Day

5 03 2015


There is a range of books to spend your £1 book token on. Just take your token to a participating book shop and exchange it at the till for one of these exciting new books.


We dressed up as book characters to help to promote World Book Day 2015. We hope that you like our costumes.

image   image



Half term boredom busters!

14 02 2015

There is no need to be bored over this half term holiday because there are so many things happening to keep you busy!
Saturday 14th February – Valentines day. Make a card and show your family how much you love and appreciate them.

Tuesday 17th February – Shrove Tuesday. Gather the ingredients you need and ask an adult to help you to make some yummy pancakes.

Friday 20th March  – (sorry- I thought the date was February) solar eclipse. prepare to look to the morning skies (hope for a clear sky) and observe an amazing natural phenomena.


I tried to create a link here but it won’t work. Just copy and paste this link into your web browser to see a short video and find out more.

Telford libraries also have a range of activities for you to enjoy too.

Enjoy the holiday and let us know what you discover!


29 01 2015

There were some visitors in school today doing workshops to broaden our knowledge about E-safety. It is very important to stay safe when you are on the internet and think carefully about what you are posting onto sites such as Facebook, Twitter and networking sites. Your internet activity forms something that is called a digital footprint and is a reflection of you as a person. A negative image on your digital footprint can have serious consequences as you grow older and begin your teenage and adult life. As you get older, possible employers can look at your digital footprint to find out what sort of a person you are.
Always keep to the e-safety guidelines, never give personal details and build yourself a positive digital footprint.
Enjoy the internet!

Can you remember any of the guidelines given to you by the Unique Voice workshops?


children + parents = enjoying maths together

23 01 2015

Today some parents joined us to share our learning about the methods that we use when solving real life problems. We all had a great time and the parents learned some new calculation methods too!




The Magna Carta

22 01 2015

This week we have been learning about The Magna Carta.

Magna Carta
In June 1215 at Runnymede King John signed the Magna Carta. (This means Great Charter.)

It was the first formal document stating that a King had to follow the laws of the land and it guaranteed the rights of individuals against the wishes of the King. This meant people couldn’t be arrested, imprisoned or have their possessions taken away except by the judgement of his equals and/or the law of the land. This laid the way for trial by jury which means people are tried by their peers and guaranteed the civil rights of the individual.

The Magna Carta established the principle that the people of England, at this stage represented by the Barons, could limit the power of a King, if he was doing things that were not good for the country.

We have started to read and discuss the laws and pick which ones were most relevant to us today.  What other information do you know about the Magna Carta?


Its pantomime time… Oh no it isn’t!

22 01 2015

Oh yes it is!
Our special trip this term was to go to see a pantomime at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton. The spectacular show this year was Cinderella which was the most elaborate pantomime that the theatre has seen to date. We had an exhilarating time and really entered into the spirit of the show by joining in with lots of shouting, booing and singing. Following our visit we have completed some work in English including comprehensive reviews and colourful posters.

It would be great if you would share your views about the show if you have seen it. What was your favourite character or scene in the pantomime? Don’t forget to explain why.


Look at our paintings!

16 01 2015

We have spent some time this week developing our painting skills. William Morris has inspired our art and the watercolours really reflect his natural style and colours.


William Morris

15 01 2015


What do you know about William Morris?

List three facts about this famous person in the comments below.

Happy Christmas!

19 12 2014

Happy Christmas to all children, parents / carers and staff from Year 6!



Father Christmas drops in for a special festive visit

19 12 2014

Wow… Yesterday the Year 6 class had a very special treat. Everyone wore their best smiles for Father Christmas (well nearly everyone!)


image  image

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